Driving scripts of a new formulation through smart segmentation.


Relaunch an existing product to a new audience.

Our client, a leading gastrointestinal pharma manufacturer, was set to launch a new formulation of an existing drug. There was only one problem: the new formulation would put them in a new competitive set. Butler/Till Health Group’s job was to help them gain a better understanding of their new HCP audience and create an effective targeting strategy to reach it.


Dig into data to define the smartest segmentation approach.

Research showed that we’d need to target not only prescribers of competitive brands but HCP specialists outside of the client’s assumed audience. And since no two audiences are alike, we’d also have to deploy varied creative messaging through a targeted mix of media channels to drive the highest script lift possible.


Use audience segmentation model to drive the media plan.

The audience segmentation research helped us create a sophisticated targeting strategy aimed at three prioritized audiences:

  1. Competitive brand prescribers
  2. All other competitive brand prescribers
  3. Condition area HCPs

A mix of digital and offline tactics including emails, programmatic display and medical journal advertising were focused on all three audiences. In addition, audience-specific media tactics and weighting were applied where appropriate.

Print, with the highest CPMs in our plan, was targeted at top competitive brand prescribers only. To reach this audience, we delivered customized issues of their monthly journals with accompanying high-impact print ads focused directly on competitive claims from our client. Programmatic digital display ads, offering a much lower CPM, were delivered to each HCP segment, but spend was prioritized to those prescribing the number one competitive brand.

Each media channel chosen relied on our segmentation model to drive efficient and effective targeting.


  • The HCP audience segmentation model was so effective that it became the foundation for prioritizing sales rep activity
  • Specific HCPs, who were identified as either competitive brand prescribers or general condition area prescribers, received a different customized detailing approach with the sales reps in the field
  • Through the combination of segmentation through media and field efforts, initial sales and market share goals were exceeded ahead of schedule

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