Fine-tuning a digital media campaign to make a big splash in wave two.


Add new checking accounts through a comprehensive digital media campaign.

In spring 2014, ESL Federal Credit Union assembled all of its advertising and media agency partners and put each of them to work on a new free checking campaign with a primary goal to acquire new accounts. Butler/Till was tasked with the development of the digital media component of the campaign.

The first wave of the campaign kicked off in April 2014. Although Butler/Till’s digital campaign delivered in full, the overall first wave efforts of ESL’s agency partners fell short of the client’s goal. ESL called its agency partners back to the table to take a hard look at what everyone could do to boost the results in the next wave of the campaign—from shifting away from underperforming tactics to dialing up elements that were delivering the strongest performance.


Optimize from the top down to boost our digital media campaign’s firepower.

Armed with new insight and information from every vendor involved in the campaign, we retooled the digital media strategy to focus on more localized, high-impact tactics. We identified what worked in wave one and determined what could be improved upon in wave two.


Isolate the best elements of wave one—and supercharge them with video.

Working closely with ESL, we optimized every aspect of the campaign—carefully evaluating every media partner, consolidating the best-performing outlets, and focusing on local website bundles and high-impact space on local sites. In addition, we evaluated the performance of all wave one tactics and retained the two highest performers: mobile and Facebook. Finally, we introduced video—a consistently strong engagement tactic– to make digital ad units more dynamic and stimulate even more response.

Impressions with strong engagements across the board
More clicks generated by the display tactic than wave one on the same media budget
The Facebook click-through rate of wave one
Facebook click-through industry standard
Contribution to the client’s met marketing goals
Overall engagement of wave one

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