Turning Oscar buzz into CenturyLink buys.


Create the perfect media platform for an Oscar-worthy creative campaign.

CenturyLink is the third-largest telecommunications provider in the US. However, entering 2016, there was low awareness of their TV offering, PrismTV, which gives consumers all of the access to entertainment that cable does, without the hassles of cable. To generate awareness of the product, they needed to make a splash.

Their plan was to target media-consuming entertainment buffs by creating a television campaign built around a unique insight: in a world of online reviews and social media, consumers have taken the place of entertainment critics.

Alongside their creative agency, Arnold, they developed a series of television spots entitled “Hollywood Insider,” featuring an ordinary family critiquing Oscar-winning actor Paul Giamotti in their own home—a power vested in them by having “insider” access to entertainment all the time, on any device, through Prism TV.



Turn the Oscars buzz into CenturyLink buzz.

For the spots to succeed, CenturyLink needed a media platform that adhered to their insight just as strongly as their creative concept. One within the context of the entertainment world, that millions of entertainment buffs would see. The 88th Academy Awards provided a prime opportunity.

For the spots to succeed, CenturyLink needed a media platform that adhered to their insight just as strongly as their creative concept.


Leverage every Oscars touchpoint—before, during, and after the event.

The Oscars inspires self-proclaimed consumer pundits to immerse themselves in Oscar-related content from the time nominees get announced until long after the show airs. Butler/Till created a media strategy that touched their target audience every step of the way.


  • Short-form video on IMDb.com, Rotten Tomatoes
  • YouTube pre-roll triggered by Oscars-related searches
  • Digital banners triggered by Oscars-related keywords and conversations


  • Traditional TV buys
  • Paid digital placements on social media and YouTube, triggered by keyword searches of nominees
  • Earned media: Paul Giamotti mentioned in the opening monologue, boosting organic search and impressions of CenturyLink TV spots


  • Continued digital focus on Oscars-related conversations, keyword searches, mobile and desktop banners on IMDb.com
  • TV placements on “After the Oscars”-themed Jimmy Kimmel show and Good Morning America
Increase in Brand Awareness - 49% above 2016 average
Increase in Twitter impressions
Increase in Positive Sentiment
Decrease in Negative Sentiment
of sales goal reached

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