November 30, 2020

Website Surveys and How to Use Them to a Client’s Advantage

Website surveys can play a key role when trying to improve your website content and quality. The surveys can give you insight as to who your audience is, what they are looking for, and even some of the challenges they may be experiencing on your website. The data collected from these surveys can be a major asset in the optimization process to improve your site’s customer experience and overall performance. The below outlines a few tips on how to get the most benefits from this tactic.

Using website surveys to gauge who your onsite audience is:

When it comes to narrowing down who your audience is, onsite surveys can be a helpful tool. Each survey is completely customizable, with the ability to tailor your questions directly to your audience and ensure you’re getting the information wanted. For example, if you have an HCP website, and your first question is “What type of Healthcare Professional are you?” This question helps to answer the question of who is visiting your website and a bit more about them. It also could let you know if the right audience is being directed to the correct site. If the majority of the responses are “I am not a Healthcare Professional,” this represents the need for possibly developing a consumer focused website as well, or, if one already exists, revamping that website and the process of directing traffic there.

Using website surveys to gauge user’s intent:

Surveys can also be useful in determining the reason a person is visiting your site. A question as simple as “What did you come to the site to do today?” can assist in gaining further insight into the customer’s main objectives, ultimately providing what the content hierarchy should be. This helps piece together what information is not as relevant to your audience and what seems the most important. With the optional feature of letting your audience create their own responses within the survey, this can also provide even more unique and personal input. If your audience has come to your site to find something specific but did not find it, they have the opportunity to let you know. From there, you can see what your audience is looking to accomplish when visiting the site and how you are able to help them achieve that goal.

Branding your survey:

Lastly, branding your online surveys can create a seamless experience for website visitors. By branding these, your audience will feel that the surveys are less of an unintrusive feature and cause minimal disruption of their user experience. This will help to drive a higher response rate as well.

Collecting data from your website surveys offers you an inside look into what your audience is thinking and what they are ultimately looking for when visiting and engaging with you. The more responses a survey gets, the better the data will be. By having rich data to analyze and make optimizations against, the easier it will be for a company to understand exactly what their customers are expecting, creating a better experience, and most importantly, a stronger connection with their audience.

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