July 27, 2020

Test and Learn Strategies Optimize Media Campaign’s Focus

Butler/Till Health was tasked with developing a direct-to-patient campaign for a drug in a crowded market and only a modest audience. By employing a test-and-learn strategy over a period of two years, we were able to optimize our strategy across platforms and partnerships in order to reach the most engaged audience. Read the full case study below.


Our client’s product, an oral medication to treat cITP (a rare blood disorder characterized by low platelet count), launched in 2018 into a crowded market that included two competitors that had been promoted for more than a decade. When another treatment option joined the marketplace during our client’s second year, Butler/Till Health, which already had launched an HCP-focused campaign for the medication, was tasked with expanding the client’s marketing campaigns via a direct-to-patient effort to educate their modest patient population (<65,000) on what made it different from its competitors.


Butler/Till Health’s media plan maintained an evergreen level of HCP support across top-performing tactics from the prior year–print, display, email, and search–while piloting additional tactical opportunities for the direct-to-patient campaign.

Because of cITP’s small patient population, we looked to continually test targeting strategies to optimize media toward platforms that offered the most engaged audiences. Strategies included:

  • Through partnerships with data provider Crossix, we used a patient segment based on ICD-10 codes for cITP for our programmatic display campaign.

  • Using behavioral and search history, we targeted our display banners to users who had been engaging with cITP content or searching relevant terms.

  • Through partnerships with two key endemic health websites–Mayo Clinic and Everyday Health–we sponsored cITP content across their platforms and served banners in those content areas that naturally rise to the top of organic search engine results.


By the end of year two, Butler/Till Health, our client team, and our creative team knew which targeting elements were driving the largest volume of engaged traffic to our branded site, which helped optimize the media campaign’s ongoing focus while also identifying opportunities to further segment and test additional creative messages and formats.

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