July 24, 2020

Data, Privacy, and Pandemic

The following is part of a series from our recent roundtable discussion, Finding Success in our New Data Reality, in collaboration with other leaders in the data and privacy space. Keep an eye on our blog in the coming weeks for additional learnings from this event.

As consumer attitudes around privacy continuously evolve, companies that want to stay relevant must develop fluid data strategies. Often, customer biases evolve slowly and more predictably, but sometimes a single event can change everything suddenly. Enter COVID-19.

Before the pandemic, the growing and legitimate distrust of how tech companies and operating platforms were handling our data was reaching a fever pitch, but once our current crisis began to take shape, sentiment shifted considerably.

As so many of us have been quarantining these past months, virtual connections have gained an even greater value, which results in an increase in consumer trust of tech giants like Apple and Google. Customers are even more comfortable with sharing their private information in these times, especially if it’s deemed to be for the greater good (i.e., contact tracing).

All of this volatility is even more reason to keep privacy and data strategies flexible. Customer attitudes are always changing, sometimes slowly, yet sometimes in the blink of an eye.

A successful business must be versatile enough to keep up with both.


Special thanks to our collaborators LiveRamp, Neustar, MediaMath, UserZoom, ImpactProduct, Flashtalking, MediaMonks, Microsoft, the 4A’s, Wunderman Thompson, 3Radical, and SAS.

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