January 9, 2023

2023 Word of the Year

Since 2015, Butler/Till has carried the tradition of choosing a “Word of the Year,” a guiding light to aspirations for the upcoming year. This tradition came about on the heels of the first year Butler/Till embarked without the leadership of our fearless founders, Sue Butler and Tracy Till. That year our Word of the Year (WOTY) was Momentum, and the commemorative artwork is still on display at our Rochester headquarters. Past words of the year include:

For 2023, we sought a word that fully defined our plans for the upcoming year. A word that would explain how our continued success is sustainable and our growth is inevitable.

The 2023 word of the year is: Elevate.


With a renewed commitment to invest in and elevate each of our employee-owners, together we will climb to new heights of client growth and diversification, technology enhancements, new service and product developments, and our presence within and beyond our industry.

We have no doubt that 2023 will be a remarkable year. A year to deliver on our promises to our clients, to add to the vibrancy of our cities, to invest in our people, and to elevate together.

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