August 17, 2020

Television Positively Influences Patient Conversions to Script

Traditionally, in the Healthcare space, television has been used primarily as a brand awareness vehicle. Yet no norm is too entrenched to stop Butler/Till Health from constantly searching for new ways to innovate and test in the name of greater efficiency and better results. In that spirit, we asked the question: can TV also be used to actually drive patient prescriptions on a short-term basis? Read the full case study below to learn the answer.


Our client was interested in learning whether a mass medium like television could influence patients to convert to script on a short-term basis despite typically being a brand awareness vehicle.


  • We built a short-term, scalable TV pilot using addressable and connected/OTT partnerships. We also implemented a customized measurement schedule to ensure data was stable and available early enough to inform budget decisions to be made prior to finalizing the next plan.

  • 1:1 control vs. media-exposed methodology.

  • If positive ROI was achieved in the short term, we would increase investment in the following year.


  • 1.5:1 ROAS at the close of the four-month campaign.

  • 2:1 ROI Rx Impact projected six months after the close of the campaign.

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