April 25, 2019

TechRochester Awards Butler/Till Chief Analytics Officer “Technology Woman of the Year”

“Gaby’s passion for her work is palpable and her enthusiasm is infectious. Over the past 14 months, she has built a strong team that is providing significant value throughout the organization. Gaby has helped us to think differently about how we work with our clients, always with the ultimate goal of client success in mind. ”– Melissa Palmer, CFO/COO

Gabrielle Bedewi, Chief Analytics Officer at Butler/Till, was named Technology Woman of the Year by TechRochester. With more than 20 years in the industry, extensive teaching engagements at top-rated universities, and more than 35 scholarly articles and presentations to her credit, Gabrielle is a recognized authority in the fields of data science and analytics.

Butler/Till is an independent, 100-percent women- and employee-owned media and communications agency headquartered in Rochester, New York with offices in San Francisco and New York City. Bedewi manages a leadership team of four women whose past work includes marketing strategy, business intelligence, digital marketing, and marketing automation for organizations and brands across the United States. Their combined expertise continues to help clients push analytics beyond enriched data visualization and reporting into deep audience segmentation and predictive modeling.

“I love solving client’s challenges with statistics and analytics,” said Bedewi. “It’s especially rewarding when this leads to ‘ah ha’ moments when clients see the insights and recognize how they can solve their business problems.”

Congratulations to Gabrielle on this honor and all the other amazing women who were nominated.

For a complete list of the nominees, please click here.

For more information, please contact Amanda DeVito, Vice President of Engagement at adevito@butlertill.com.

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