June 5, 2020

Raising Our Voice

We add our voices to the chorus of sorrow and outrage following the senseless deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many other victims of a deeply flawed and unequal system we have not yet found the collective conviction to change.

As a company, we, too, find ourselves at a moment where our conviction is being put to a profound test. We’re reflecting on our own relationships with racial equality and social justice, identifying where we have set examples of leadership, and more importantly, where we have come up short. We’re committed to using the collective voice of Butler/Till to become better allies for people of color within our industry and in the mosaic of communities our community of employee-owners represents.

As it happens, VOICE is the acronym for our company’s values:

  • Visionary – We imagine and build our future together
  • Ownership – We take pride in everything we do because we own it
  • Integrity – We are honest, fair, and stand up for what’s right
  • Community – We collaborate and gratefully give back
  • Extraordinary – We are remarkable in everything we do

If there was ever a time to support noble sentiment with definitive action, it is now.

We recognize it’s not enough to speak out against systemic racism or sympathize with its victims when we ourselves have work to do. It’s not enough to push for greater diversity in our industry when the tapestry of our own staff could be even more inclusive. But it has to be enough for us to use this moment in time as a starting point.

Moving forward, we’ll be part of the solution, rather than a silent partner of the status quo. We’ll hold ourselves equally accountable as we will our vendors, our industry peers, and our clients. We’ll welcome difficult conversations, seek out new partners for collaboration, and embrace new avenues to actively support and promote racial equality. As part of the global community of B Corporations, we’ll renew our commitment to being the change we seek in the world.

Right now, we can’t claim to know every step we’re going to take, but we can commit to being transparent about the steps we do take and to take them with intention and resolute certainty in their importance and purpose. Let this one count as our first.

If there is anything the last few weeks have made clear, it is that racial inequality is not measured in weeks, but in centuries. Today, we stand with those feeling the pain of loss, the struggle of intolerance, and hope for the future. We stand, and actively support progress and change.

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