October 21, 2022

Ownership Culture Insights–Celebrating ESOP Month

It’s no secret we are proud to be employee-owners. Since we became 100% employee-owned in 2014, our enterprise has increased the wealth, productivity, reliability, and retention of our people. Defining the differences we feel as an ESOP reaches far beyond agency perks, but rather, our ownership is seen in the minute details of the everyday. In celebration of ESOP Month, we’re sharing deeper insights into our ESOP culture that empowers our employee-owners to flourish.


Employee-owners know the details of the business because well, they own it. Our enterprise gives each of our employees an annual detailed plan on a page to give complete transparency and forge the connection between their day-to-day work and overall business goals. Monthly, we hold agency-wide meetings to highlight new hires, announce major promotions, provide updates, and hear from different departments on what exciting things they have been up to—as well as what challenges they may have recently had to overcome. Because if one thing is true, we’re constantly learning from one another and are certainly better together. On a quarterly cadence, we host an in-depth, enterprise-wide Owner’s Forum where we share detailed business updates, financial reviews, client news, and organizational changes. Employee-owners are encouraged in these meetings to openly share their thoughts, suggestions, questions, and concerns.


ESOP education, culture, experience, engagement, inclusion are all hot topics for our Employee Communications Committee (ECC) made up of employee-owners dedicated to enhancing the ESOP experience and knowledge for all. The ECC hosts open-office hours to answer questions and just promote connecting with fellow owners. Various events throughout the year are hosted by the ECC including Statement Day; the annual event where we announce the company’s most recent stock valuation and share statements with our employees showing their personal new retirement account balance. Because as employee-owners, the only pockets to fill are our own. As the company succeeds, the wealth of our employee-owners increases as well.


Flexibility, we believe, is one of the most important offerings for our enterprise. Our flexibility reaches beyond a Summer Friday; we offer Vacation Buy opportunities, Choice Days to encourage our people to take the time that means the most to them, and 12 weeks of full salary continuation for Parental Leave to support parents as they embark on that new journey. Our hybrid working policy lends itself to working in office and from wherever you can connect. Whether you are a new Mama needing a Parent Room or a dog parent bringing your pup into the office, we strive to be not only as flexible as possible when it comes to our employee-owners, but integrate into their lives and what matters the most to them too.

At Butler/Till and Digital Hyve, we value our employees so much that we made them owners, every single one of them. We’re excited to be celebrating ESOP Month throughout October with spirit days, lunch & learns, and more. Despite these fun celebrations, we believe being an ESOP is truly about caring for the whole person, both inside and outside of the office. Together, we’re incredibly honored to be composed of 300+ employee-owners and stand as a true testament to the success of this ownership structure.

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