April 1, 2021

LiveRamp is HIPAA Compliant

The way data can be collected in the healthcare space has changed drastically in the past year in large part due to the deprecation of third-party cookies. To fill this gap, increasingly more of our clients are turning to their own first-party data, but verifying this data brings with it new challenges. Fortunately, LiveRamp’s recent game-changing announcement tackles this issue head on.

Earlier this year, LiveRamp officially announced their HIPAA Compliance Program, which provides administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to secure PHI for HIPAA compliance across LiveRamp’s full product portfolio.

Currently, two of LiveRamp’s most widely used products, Activation and Measurement, are now available in a limited release. Healthcare marketers, providers, and payers can now connect first-party PHI directly to LiveRamp for activation, measurement, and analytics in a fully HIPAA-compliant setting.

So, what does this mean for our pharmaceutical clients? With the recent news regarding the deprecation of third-party cookies from Google and other tech leaders, the importance of gathering and utilizing first-party data has never been more important. With this update from LiveRamp, our pharmaceutical clients have a premium, HIPAA-compliant, and verified technological service to utilize their own data for media activation and measurement.

Media Activation

While onboarding our pharmaceutical clients’ first-party data from tactics such as their customer relationship management (CRM) platform and website data, as well as looking at their dataset on its own, we can deploy additional strategies around retargeting, audience suppression, and look-alike modeling.

When matching that data in LiveRamp’s HIPPA-compliant IdentityLink graph, we can see further insights on the audience, which can help create calculated incremental targeting opportunities.

  • Behavior-Based Data Attributes: Create a deeper understanding of the identified consumer population’s current preferences, lifestyle, activity, and the journey that led them there.

  • Geographic Data: Utilizes geo-specific data to understand the household composition of your highest value consumers in order to develop solutions that benefit them.

  • Consumer Interests: Understand which brands and products your consumers interact with the most.

Media Measurement

Also, we can utilize LiveRamp’s product suite further with analytics and measurement, while still maintaining data privacy to ensure a comprehensive view of media performance.

  • Measurement Enablement: Connect and resolve data into the measurement and analytics tools.

  • Analytics Environment: Host the data in a HIPAA-compliant tool for secure analytics.

How Can Butler/Till Help?

It’s our passion to connect with our pharmaceutical clients in consultative roles, working to understand their data collection requirements (from a HIPAA perspective), how their data can be stored with LiveRamp, and how it can be used for media activation and closed-loop measurement—ultimately driving business outcomes securely.

LiveRamp has continued to be a pioneer in the data activation space and now adding HIPPA-compliance only further excites us to expand our partnership and bring this solution to our clients in navigating the cookieless future.

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