August 15, 2022

Google Further Delays Third-Party Cookie Deprecation

What Is Google’s Latest News?

The latest update from Google announced that they will once again be delaying the cookieless future that advertisers have been feverishly anticipating since their original announcement back in 2020. This is the second time the deprecation has been pushed back and now Google is aiming for the end of 2024 to phase out cookies.

This extension comes as Google has received consistent feedback from advertisers that they need more time to test, implement, and transition to their post-cookie plans. One large factor that contributed to the delay was Google’s Privacy Sandbox, which is an industry-wide initiative to provide third-party cookie alternatives and technologies that will uphold user’s privacy online. Google noted that their Privacy Sandbox needs more time. Their intentions are to give developers more time to improve issues and fine tune the Sandbox, while still providing publishers and members of the ad industry an expanded testing window. As of now, testing with Chrome users is set for August 2023.

What Does This Mean for the Industry?

With news of Google’s announcement to deprecate third-party cookies breaking in early 2020, advertisers were initially sent into overdrive to evaluate what the implications of this news meant for their campaigns and business at large. Many proactive advertisers began creating roadmaps to decrease dependence on third-party cookies in favor of alternatives that could recoup some of the effectiveness and efficiency that third-party cookies have long provided for their campaigns.

Following an announcement from Google at the end of last year to extend the timeline for cookie deprecation to late 2023, advertisers breathed a sigh of relief with the additional time to evaluate third-party cookie alternatives, with many solutions continuing to mature and prove their viability.

The most recent delay to late 2024 provides additional time for alternatives to be developed and for testing efforts to continue.

What Is Butler/Till’s Take?

While the additional time from Google is welcomed by Butler/Till, we recommend our clients continue to stick to their timelines to reduce reliance on third-party cookies and utilize the extra time to build upon existing roadmaps to test new technologies as they emerge. Our team is doing the same. We are actively engaged with relevant ID solutions partners and companies who have stepped up and found alternative solutions to cookies. We are confident moving forward that when the time comes, we will be more than ready, but a step ahead.

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