October 22, 2021

Butler/Till’s New Headquarters Adds to ‘Energy’ of Downtown

On Tuesday, October 19, around 160 Butler/Till employees officially moved in to our new headquarters in Downtown Rochester at 260 East Broad Street.

When we realized it was time to invest in a new office and find a forever home, we put together a checklist of requirements. We wanted the building to create equity, and most importantly, we wanted to make history. The Butler/Till Building is the first building downtown to feature two founding women’s names. Mission accomplished.

“We really wanted to be part of the downtown revitalization. If you haven’t been down here in a while, you definitely feel the energy.”– Kimberly Jones, President & CEO

In a building with no bad views, we are looking forward to what’s next.

Check out the full article in the Rochester Business Journal.

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