October 14, 2021

Butler/Till and The HUMAN Collective: Fighting Ad Fraud Together

By Scott Ensign, VP, Strategy & Partnerships

Why We Joined The Human Collective

Butler/Till is proud to announce that we are officially a founding member of The Human Collective–a group of agencies, brands, publishers, supply-side partners, and marketing technology providers committed to rooting out bot attacks and ad fraud.

At Butler/Till, our purpose is to create connections and make a difference. It’s hard to imagine an industry endeavor better aligned to those two principles than the work of The Human Collective. Ad fraud is a problem that has plagued the digital media space for years, wreaking havoc in so many ways. In the most direct sense, it’s a form of theft. It takes money from budgets that brands need to grow their businesses. It also causes confusion, giving unclear pictures in data and reporting, potentially pushing marketers to make misinformed decisions. Most importantly, though, ad fraud funds criminal activity of the worst kind.

As a certified B Corporation and purpose-fueled marketing agency, Butler/Till is explicitly committed to doing business as if people and place matter. We also recognize that the big problems facing our industry and our world are problems that require collective action. The problem of bot attacks and ad fraud is most definitely one of those problems.

We exist as an agency to help our clients create genuine connections with audiences made up entirely of human beings. By joining this effort, we are actively seeking to make a difference for our clients, for our industry, and for the world. We’ve been fighting this fraud for years. We do it with some of the best partners in the industry through brand safety, ad verification, approved and unapproved lists, buying platform technology, and more. These efforts are important, and we will continue doing the front-line work to protect our clients’ investments and brand integrity. However, this kind of work is reactive in nature. We don’t want to fight the fraudsters on their terms indefinitely. It’s time to take the fight to them.

And, so, we stand with The Human Collective and our fellow founding members to say that enough is enough. We will work together to keep the Internet human–not just for the sustainability of the digital marketing ecosystem, but for the sustainability of the Internet itself.

That is why Butler/Till is a proud founding member of The Human Collective. If you’re a brand, an agency, a marketing technology provider, a publisher, or if you’re just interested in helping to fix this problem, we welcome you to join us in this effort to create a safer, more sustainable Internet.

Visit The Human Collective for more information or to sign up.

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