January 24, 2022

2022 Word of the Year

Since 2015, Butler/Till has chosen a “Word of the Year” to capture the essence of our collective aspirations for the upcoming year.  As we look to the future, we can’t help but reflect on our previous inspirational “Word of the Year” selections:

As 2022 begins, two years into a global pandemic, we thought about what kind of word would serve as our guide and foster growth for us in the new year. We wanted a word that implies perseverance through adversity, one that aligns with and acknowledges our investment in our new headquarters, and nods to the roots we have planted in downtown Rochester. We also wanted a word that encapsulates the success we have experienced in helping our clients and partners grow their business, by also investing in the growth of ourselves.

For Butler/Till and Digital Hyve, 2022 is a year all about our people. As employee-owners, we have a unique opportunity to leverage the infrastructure, technology, and processes we have been building to ensure individual, client, and organizational growth. After much thought and collaboration, we landed on a word that has a nurturing connotation that speaks to our primary focus of people, talent, and growth.



Our 2022 Word of the Year is “Flourish!”

With a concerted emphasis on differentiating our benefits, our employee experience, and a significant investment in learning and development, we aim to create an inclusive, engaging environment where every employee-owner can flourish and unlock their full potential. In turn, our business will flourish as we continue to pursue strategic, yet vigorous growth, while honoring our B Corp values and our desire to do purposeful work with our clients, partners, communities, and each other.

We have no doubt 2022 will be an incredible year. Another year to collaborate, to deliver for our clients, to invest in our people, to support one another, and to flourish together.

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