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Privacy Policy

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Website Name: Butler/Till

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Country: United States

Butler/Till takes the protection of data privacy very seriously. Butler/Till uses personal data obtained on various social media platforms and other methods that contributes to the marketing funnel for Butler/Till clients. Butler/Till collects anonymous data, along with other channel sources in aggregate, to provide a comprehensive view of media performance across the entire campaign.

Specific data types used include demographics such as age and gender along with the Designated Marketing Area (DMA). The anonymized data is expressly not used for the purposes of re-identification of individuals or direct 1:1 attribution. Butler/Till does not store cookies or share personal data outside of the agency.

Personal data can be collected from a campaign audience, typically as part of a lead form. This data can be exported from the social media platform by the client. This data is often stored in the client’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) environment.

Butler/Till itself does not store personal information obtained from social media platforms.

Butler/Till’s social media advertisements direct users to the client approved websites. The content and maintenance of client websites is the responsibility of our clients. If you have any questions regarding Butler/Till’s Privacy Policy, our data collection process, or have a request for data deletion, please contact the Security Officer at