January 27, 2023

Overdelivering on Goals and Shattering Social Benchmarks

With a move to multi-placement campaigns and an emphasis on key video placements, including in-stream videos and video feeds on both Facebook and Instagram, efficiencies were unlocked helping our team overdeliver on link clicks to our client’s landing pages, while also improving click-through rate (CTR) year-over-year, and reducing frequency to combat creative fatigue.


Faced with a falling CTR over the past two years, a lack of newly refreshed creative, and the perception of a “too-high” frequency on social media with display ads, we knew we had an opportunity to try something new.


Aligning with Meta’s best practices of using at least four placements per ad set, the team executed a multi-placement campaign. With this approach the objectives were to reach more unique users, reduce frequency, and combat creative wear out, while improving CTR with more engaging video assets customized in spec to fit each placement’s best practices.


With a multi-placement strategy and new video-specific placements added to the mix, we extended unique reach by 23% and scaled back frequency by 61%–overdelivering on our goals of promised clicks by 356%.

  • The diversification of assets garnered 40% efficiency gains with a decrease of 108% of cost-per-link-click (CPC)

  • Video assets click-through rate (CTR) was 3.5x greater in 2022, growing 250% from 2021

  • 80% of our total overall link clicks across all placement types came from video assets with video-specific placements from in-stream and feeds driving 55% of link clicks

  • Overall CTR across video and static placements increased 60% year-over-year, increasing average CTR from .41% to 1.07% with video exceeding static asset CTR by 74%

Looking to learn more about social video opportunities as we start the new year? Reach out today to connect with our video experts!

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