September 26, 2018

Nicole Torcello Named Finalist for Project Manager Of The Year

“Nicole has incredible strength as a Project Manager. It is not that she knows how to do the job, but she does it exhibiting these traits:

  1. Inspires a shared vision. She lets us all know what her plan is and why her role will elevate the work and the people.
  2. Communicates articulately. She can communicate with people on all levels, from contributors to senior leaders to clients.
  3. Acts with integrity. She knows that actions set the tone, not words. She is committed, ethical, and a natural leader.
  4. Stays cool under pressure. When things go awry, she finds a way to problem solve and keep people composed.

Laughs infectiously. Her laugh lights up a room even in the most stressed situation.”– Amanda DeVito

The Project Management Institute (PMI), a global nonprofit serving over 2.9 million professionals has named Nicole Torcello, a Senior Project Manager at Butler/Till, a finalist for the  Project Manager Of The Year award. Torcello, a seven-year marketing communications veteran, was selected through PMI’s partnership with Digital Rochester, a local company working with the vision to transform the Greater Rochester Area into a top 10 technology region. Nicole will be honored at the GREAT Awards event September 26th in Rochester, NY.

Torcello provides a strategic approach to managing projects and resources across multiple teams in the agency. She has formalized processes, created and implemented communication plans and decision-making hierarchies, and managed extensive resource planning.

Since joining Butler/Till in 2016, Nicole’s experience has ranged from creative branding projects to marketing campaigns, employee engagement, and development programs. She focuses on the delicate balance between managing the fine details of a project while being able to provide big-picture perspective on foreseeable challenges and opportunities for improvement.

Torcello not only continuously helps to advance Butler/Till, she also strives for personally self-improvement through various learning opportunities. She has earned her MBA in Marketing, is Agile Scrum Master Certified, and received her Project Management Professional Certification last year.

Congratulations to Nicole on this honor and all fellow GREAT Awards winners!

For a complete list of the honorees, click here.

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