November 16, 2020

Medical Device’s Recommendations Surge After Webinar

Butler/Till Health was tasked with convincing OBGYNs to recommend our client’s device to treat abnormal uterine bleeding. In order to reach this highly knowledgeable and extremely busy audience, we created a view-on-demand webinar featuring a respected voice in this field. The webinar generated an 80% view rate for registrants, which is 50% higher than the average, and a majority of viewers reported an increased likelihood to recommend our client’s device after watching. Read the full case study below.


Already an established leader in the medical device space, our client’s Global Endometrial Ablation (GEA) device enjoyed a significant market share yet faced challenges from growing numbers of OBGYNs who frequently recommended alternative treatment options for abnormal uterine bleeding.


Butler/Till Health needed to educate OBGYNs on why the GEA procedure was a superior treatment option for specific patients in order to drive higher usage of our client’s medical device. We partnered with a leading OBGYN publication to run an educational webinar, led by a key opinion leader in the field, which remained available “on demand” for six months after the webinar and was promoted by both the publication and our client to help drive registrations and views.


  • The webinar generated 300 registrants, with 80% viewing the webinar, significantly outperforming publisher benchmarks of 30% view rates.

  • After viewing the webinar, 55% of attendees affirmed that they were now more likely to recommend GEA to their patients than previously.

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