April 26, 2022

IMDb TV Rebrands as Amazon Freevee and Improves Streaming Offering

By Nick Morticelli, Sr. Video Specialist

The Lowdown

IMDb TV is a free, ad supported channel owned by Amazon. As of April 27th, 2022, IMDb TV will rebrand as Amazon Freevee. This inventory is exclusive to Amazon, which means the 65 million monthly viewers on Amazon Freevee offers incremental scale that can only be accessed through a direct deal with Amazon or through “hands-on-keyboard” activation within the Amazon DSP.

Additionally, Amazon has added health-centric measurement and data partners to their approved list of vendors. This is a big step forward, specifically for pharma, as previously Amazon could not be measured by such third-party vendors, nor did it allow for any industry-standard pharma targeting.

Anticipated Impact

This update presents additional over-the-top (OTT) scale and enhancements for client campaigns. The measurability and targeting improvements are both a representation of Amazon’s desire to compete in the space and evolve their OTT offering. However, as with any capabilities update, there are still elements to work through. Only certain conditions are eligible to utilize third-party data sources for targeting, and all non-approved conditions will have to use other external first-party targeting, demo-based targeting, or automatic content recognition (ACR) competitive targeting.

While there is a limited approved condition list at launch, at Butler/Till, we are confident this offering will continue to grow and unlock opportunity for a broader set of conditions in the future.

OTC Considerations

Amazon has access to unparalleled first-party data for any over-the-counter (OTC) drug. OTC brands can benefit from the full suite of Amazon’s first-party consumer behavior data regarding how consumers search products, browse aisles, consume content (FireTV, Alexa, and brand sites), and flow through the purchase funnel (awareness, consideration, and conversion). These data points can be applied via Amazon Audiences, in-market and lifestyle segments, and to create custom segments.

Enhanced measurement and targeting improvements paired with consumer behavior data allows brands to answer questions, address challenges, and gain market intelligence insights to better understand their audience.

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