September 25, 2020

For the Best Solutions, We’re Getting Creative

We’re thrilled to announced that our in-house creative group, Verdant Brand Communications, is continuing its integration with the larger agency and will now officially live under the Butler/Till name. As the lines between marketing disciplines become blurrier, our departments must collaborate on an even deeper level to continue offering the true, end-to-end solutions our clients expect. Cementing creative as a primary capability alongside media and analytics lets us do just that.

“This is an exciting step for us, but also a natural one,” said Kimberly Jones, President & CEO of Butler/Till. “Our objective has always been to deliver award-worthy solutions with transformational impact. Adding creative to our media and measurement capabilities puts us in an even stronger position to do that for all our clients.”

Growth is not just written into Verdant’s name, it’s built into their DNA. Starting in 1997 as Brand Cool and later becoming Verdant after being acquired by Butler/Till in 2015, this small creative group with big creative ideas has helped nurture and transform so many brands, while never straying from their proud roots as a B Corporation.

“For the last few years, we’ve leveraged our access to Butler/Till resources to create award-winning, results-driven work,” said Whit Thompson, Executive Creative Director. “Formalizing our integration into the agency can only open more doors for us to create beautifully-crafted solutions with measurable impact.”

Just like any plant that’s outgrowing its pot, moving to the larger environment of Butler/Till will give our creative minds the freedom to extend their unique perspectives in so many new directions. We’re excited for them to not only continue helping our clients grow, but to equally help each and every one of our departments grow as well.

“The most innovative solutions are often found by turning something on its head and seeing it in a completely new way.” said Amanda DeVito, VP, Marketing & Growth. “Once unleashed, this type of creative thinking just makes everyone better.”

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