May 26, 2021

Butler/Till Wins Two Silver Telly Awards

We are thrilled to announce that at this year’s 42nd annual Telly Awards, Butler/Till won two awards. Our integrated video campaign for South Jersey Industries, as well as our direct-to-studio video project for the University of Rochester Medical Center have earned us Silver Telly Awards.

“In a year that was like no other, I could not be prouder of the camaraderie, resilience, and commitment we share. As an agency, we created new ways to work together, and provided exceptional services to our clients. Our creative team stepped up and created high-caliber stories that connected us during a time when we were all apart.”– Kimberly Jones, President & CEO

The Telly Awards highlight the best visual work across all screens, including television and digital. We are honored that, from the tens of thousands of entries, our creative work stood out, and we’re so proud of the many employee-owners across disciplines that helped make this possible.

South Jersey Industries — Love Campaign

Silver Telly Winner

“I LOVE my car.” “OMG I’m in love with that sweater!” “My new ottoman is basically my soulmate.” We’ve all expressed love like this for inanimate objects and this distinctly human feeling was the basis for our South Jersey Industries Conversion Campaign. Through humorous language and stylized, human-centric photography, we tapped into our customers’ desires for total comfort in their living spaces and showed how natural gas will make them love their homes even more.

This highly relatable feeling of love for our homes helped to make this campaign so versatile, which was especially important when producing video content during a pandemic. Instead of casting actors, we used a first-person POV and let the humorous voiceover communicate our message that natural gas is your connection to happiness.

URMC — COVID Chatbot

Silver Telly Winner

In the midst of the pandemic, our team was tasked with crafting messaging around a Rochester-based tool called ROC COVID-19: a daily health screener that gave doctors and scientists the information they desperately needed about at-risk populations and flare ups.

This was obviously a scary time for all of us, so our goal was to keep our message positive and clear. We all felt a bit powerless, forced to stay at home and wait, so this video highlighted our tool as a safe but important way for all of us to do our part. The crisis, especially at this time, felt so big and overwhelming, so any way for us to reclaim our agency served as a palpable motivating force.

Working completely remotely, our agile direct-to-studio team produced two videos, one in English and one in Spanish, which contributed to gaining high traction with thousands of sign-ups for this vital tool.

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