June 1, 2021

5 Ways to Uplift Your Coworkers (and Yourself)

Our days are spent digging into the complex world of marketing, which makes it easy to forget that there are a multitude of diverse human beings underneath all this work.

Inviting yourself to uplift your coworkers through everyday activities doesn’t just help boost the mental health of your colleagues, it also boosts your own. It can often be as simple as being thoughtful and intentional in your actions. We encourage you to try these quick tips as soon as you finish reading, so you can get started on uplifting your coworkers–and yourself.

Say please and thank you, always

Make time for your manners, even when typing. Remember to pause, review, and analyze to ensure accuracy for tone and the objective is made clear. Typing (and saying) please and thank you helps alleviate tension and reminds you that we are all working together towards a common goal.


Dedicate time to work on those ‘side’ projects you always talk about or get your hands dirty. Even if it is only 10 minutes once a week, let your brain–and hands, work on something new and off the screen.

Listen, and then ask questions

In our recent all-agency monthly Diversity Listening session, one idea was particularly memorable: it feels good to be listened to. Listen to others, be present in your conversation, and then be a ‘journalist’ without interjecting your own ideas, opinions, and thoughts. To help establish a better and more inclusive conversation, remember to ask baseline questions such as:

Communicate and collaborate

Yes, working virtually has its perks, but having a real face-to-face conversation with your coworkers has tremendous benefits too. Open the door for new conversations, test and fail experiments, workshop sessions, and create a safe zone by making a team plan to occasionally meet at the office to collaborate and strengthen those relationships. Be sure to include remote employees too!


Alternatively, look for your inner innovator. The word ‘innovation’ is not as scary as it sounds. But, if you or your team think of something new and groundbreaking, a helpful solution, or a crazy idea, jot it down–seriously. No idea is too small. Inviting yourself and your team to think of the impossible helps maintain a sense of creativity and purpose. Plus, we are always looking for the next big thing, aren’t we?

While marketing is fundamentally about transforming business results through smart investments in media and branding, creating connections plays an equally critical role. We are ultimately in the “people business,” consistently providing best-in-class solutions for our clients, partners, and communities, so let’s also remember to provide the same for ourselves and our coworkers, too.

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