MediaMath named leader in Demand Side Platforms

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Earlier this summer, our demand side platform (DSP) partner, MediaMath, was recognized by Forrester, an independent research and advisory firm, as the leader in the omni-channel DSP space.  When we read Forrester’s Wave Report, we were pleased but not surprised to learn that they valued MediaMath for the same reason we chose them as our partner: organizational values that stand above the market.

Source: Forrester Wave™: Omnichannel Demand-Side Platforms, Q2 ’17

Let’s start with a little history.

In 2013, Butler/Till explored and audited top programmatic platforms that would align with not only our client’s business objectives, but our organizational values: transparency, control, efficiency and independence.  Partnering with a firm that held these values would serve our clients in two ways: driving their success, and providing insights into how we achieved them. MediaMath was the perfect fit—and since we’ve partnered with them, the growing partnership has led us to some interesting new territory in healthcare.

People and Condition Based Targeting

Demand Side Platforms have provided the ability to target people!  By expanding our reach outside of the traditional direct buy on contextually relevant sites, MediaMath and Butler/Till partner with additional 3rd party data providers to target patients, consumers and health care providers using a variety of approaches.  These include broad approaches like keyword, geography and look-a-like modeling, as well as more granular approaches based on medical fields, lifestyle, behavioral and condition-based indicators that are segment-specific to healthcare providers.

Stronger Safety and Security

As an agnostic organization, MediaMath has the ability to screen, block and monitor their platform for un-safe and suspicious inventory sources—an ability that’s critically important in an open inventory environment.  MediaMath will only onboard suppliers that comply with their standards by prescreening inventory lists, excluding undesirable publishers, sites and categories, and filtering out non-directly contracted inventory.  Additionally, Butler/Till layers on white and black list sites as well as 3rd party verification and safety providers to protect all our brands.  In other words, safety has and will always be a top priority.

Forging Ahead

Over the past few years, we’ve grown our programmatic offerings across both the patient and provider audience due to this level of transparency and control.  Our results have returned positive ROI, while showing strong quality against our audience targets and onsite engagements.  We’re proud to have the opportunity to continue to improve our programmatic offering through our growing partnership with the industry leader in demand-side platforms, MediaMath.

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