MarTech Conference Features the “Marketing Technologist”

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Butler/Till attended the first-ever MarTech conference in Boston last month where marketing and IT professionals came together to talk about the digital “tsunami” that is making us change the way we look at marketing and media.  More and more companies are creating the “marketing technologist” position — a key marketing strategist who is also completely comfortable in the world of IT.

Some key takeaways from the conference include the following:

  • You cannot be a non-digital professional in marketing anymore. Technology is creating new business models and new channels.
  • The consumer is driving this shift… they are in total control now as they adopt technology at a dizzying pace.
  • The traditional sales funnel no longer exists. The consumer goes in and out of parts of the cycle.
  • Everyone is using data – marketing MUST be measurable.
  • Have a clear strategy before you look for technology solutions. Strategy = method to a goal.
  • Rethink your silos – work collaboratively across departments, especially marketing and technology.

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