Butler/Till to send 5 employees on mission trips in 2017

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Butler/Till’s volunteer program is growing! We’re excited to share that in 2017 we are sending a group of employees on mission trips for the first time. Three B/T employees – Andrea Zuegel, Kate Hughes, and Brent Layton – will spend nine days with Habitat for Humanity building new homes and renovating old homes in Mandeville, Louisiana, an area still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Nicky Colligan and Tricia Beggs will visit Corvallis, Oregon in July, volunteering for Habitat for Humanity as well.

“B/T is excited to expand our opportunities for employees to give back through mission work. The response from our employees when we announced mission trips was positive, and we are looking forward to continuing this new tradition into 2018 and beyond.” States HR Director, Amy Moyer.

As a company, Butler/Till strongly believes in giving back to the communities in which we do business in. And as we grow, we’re able to put more volunteers and time into that effort. In 2016, Butler/Till added an additional benefit as part of the volunteer program: each full-time employee receives three days per year to give back. This can be self-guided or with a company group. And most recently, B/T decided to have the entire agency (all 115 employees) give back during National Volunteer Month (May) in small groups throughout the month.

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