Butler/Till logs record revenue, adds staff

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Butler/Till is holding a celebration today to note its expanded headquarters and a donation of $6,361 to a childcare agency. Butler/Till is holding a celebration today to note its expanded headquarters and a donation of $6,361 to a childcare agency.


Company has grown to 102 employees and expanded its offices

By KERRY FELTNER, Reporter at Rochester Business Journal

Last year Butler/Till Communications focused on finding momentum as an agency. The result? The agency’s best year yet.

In 2015 the company achieved its highest revenue, surpassed its 100-employee mark, became re-certified as a woman-owned company and newly certified as a B Corp, and was recognized nationally by AdAge as a “Best Place to Work” in media and advertising.

The firm expects to grow revenue by more than 7 percent this year and has had a compounded average growth rate of more than 20 percent over the past five years. Butler/Till has capitalized billings of $160 million.

Two years ago this month Butler/Till became an employee stock ownership company. Today Butler/Till has 102 employees with seven open positions, officials said. Last year the agency added 21 people. Its headquarters today has 28,409 total square feet including its 6,361-square-foot expansion, completed in March. Butler/Till also acquired Brand Cool Marketing Inc. last year.

This year the agency’s focus centers around the word “build.”

“For me, and I think this is for everybody, … scaling the organization is a challenge,” said Kimberly Jones, president of Butler/Till and of the Brand Cool subsidiary. “Because what worked when we were 50 people doesn’t necessarily work when you’re 100 people.

“In terms of practicality, the processes and the systems and the technology—we have to consider all of those things. On the softer side, culturally, as we continue to grow we still hold sacred everything that makes Butler/Till what it is.”

Butler/Till acquired Brand Cool Marketing last June, then added five staffers to the agency. The strengths of the combined firms lie in areas of telecommunications, insurance, health care, pharmaceuticals, energy and sustainability, technology and higher education, according to the company.

Butler/Till Communications is ready to build on last year’s momentum—starting with a community-inspired playground.

Today Butler/Till is holding a celebration to note its expanded headquarters at 1565 Jefferson Road in Henrietta and a donation of $6,361—the firm’s exact expansion square footage—to the Rochester Childfirst Network, a childcare agency based at 941 South Ave., for the creation of a playground.

“We want to celebrate those accomplishments, but those aren’t the end goal; they’re really the building blocks for our future,” Jones said. “So this celebration is really about building our future not only for our agency and for our employees but also the community. Our community has always been really important to the agency.”

The new playground does not have a name but will be located at the Rochester Childfirst Network’s headquarters, officials said. The agency has been in operation for over 150 years and sits on a four-acre parcel in the South Wedge. The facility already had age-appropriate playgrounds surrounding it, but renovations were needed. Butler/Till is one of many donors help- ing the project.

“Play is a key component of early education as children learn best when they are actively involved in their environment,” said Lynn Lubecki, executive director, Rochester Childfirst Network, in a statement. “Community leaders such as Butler/ Till are key partners in building the best outdoor learning spaces for our children.”

Thinking of the community and the broader impact the celebration could have links back to the firm’s B Corp certification, which centers on standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. The hope is that other Rochester companies follow suit.

“I think that we exemplify the B Corp model—the triple bottom line,” said Melissa Palmer, chief operating officer and chief financial officer at Butler/Till. “We’re here to make money, we’re here to provide an extraordinary experience for our employees, and they’re really the center of the company and also make an impact in the community.

Republished with permission from the Rochester Business Journal

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