Butler/Till Announces Project Management Office Opening

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Butler/Till is excited to announce the addition of the Project Management Office (PMO) to Butler/Till and Brand Cool! The office is comprised of Project Managers across the agency that will define and maintain standards for managing projects and identifying efficiencies. The Project Manager support will be tailored to each type of account by sector, service offering, and project size.

The development of this enterprise-level project management and quality discipline came out of recent growth the agency has experienced, requiring more formal oversight of workflow and resources, due to an increasingly complex organizational structure. The PMO will be comprised of a PMO Manager, Cathi Perkins, and four Project Managers located in our Rochester, NY headquarters.

“We’re excited to establish this formal office not only to increase efficiencies and reduce risk of errors across agency accounts, but we’re thrilled to continue our employee growth, adding five new positions to the agency in 2016 dedicated to this discipline. This new addition aligns to our agency word of the year, “build.” The word comes out of our strategic imperatives for the year, focused on building new processes, tools, and offerings within the agency to allow for sustained growth in the future,” Kimberly Jones, President at Butler/Till and Brand Cool states.

Butler/Till expects that this centralized project management and quality offering will benefit our clients through improved processes, team efficiencies, and overall stronger support in meeting your objectives.

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