Successfully launching a new product in an unforgiving media environment.


Develop a digital media strategy for a new topical prescription treatment while navigating several market barriers.

In 2014, a major pharmaceutical company tasked Butler/Till to develop a digital media strategy for a new topical prescription treatment for toenail fungus set to launch in the United States. However, the launch faced a number of market barriers, including low awareness of the condition, the media-dense holiday season, and a new competitor simultaneously launching their own product.


Research, research, research—to turn up insights the competitor had missed.

With an enormous potential target audience of 35 million toenail fungus sufferers across the U.S., Butler/Till would need to create a digital media campaign that could reach tens of millions of consumers with high-volume, high-quality traffic—while remaining cost-effective and out-performing a highly motivated competitor. How? By finding fresh, undiscovered insights that would lead to a finely tuned and precisely targeted media buy.

The Butler/Till research team hit the ground running, looking for a range of media options that could reach a high concentration of toenail fungus sufferers. First, we studied the total reach of each prospective media channel to balance cost-effectiveness with increased awareness for a substantial target audience. Then, we interviewed toenail fungus sufferers to gain insight into how they coped and approached treatment for the condition in the past, if at all.

Our research led to a critical insight: not only did we need to reach people seeking treatment but also those who had given up.


Build an insight-driven campaign aimed at two distinct audiences.

Armed with this new insight, Butler/Till collaborated with other agency partners to develop a fine-tuned digital media strategy that went beyond paid search and endemic website partners. Our broad-reaching, national consumer launch campaign would use programmatic display and video advertising to engage millions of consumers nationwide with both general messaging and messaging targeted at those who had given up treatment of their condition.


The brand experienced higher-than-anticipated sales in 2014. Fourth-quarter sales alone exceeded $50 million and established the brand as the topical prescription treatment of choice to fight toenail fungus.

800 million

Overall impressions

700 million

Impressions from our highest-performing placement, at CPMs well under $2.00

13 million

Completed views of the pre-roll video campaign

1 in 5

Individuals aware of the brand reported a favorable brand opinion

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