Using data segmentation to uncover what makes visitors click.


Generate 25K downloads of a unique content piece for a major women’s health pharma brand over 8 months.

In order to reinforce their brand position as an FDA-approved option for cervical ripening, our client created the first content piece that included a specific procedure as part of the overall treatment process. The unique content piece could be downloaded from their unbranded website. Butler/Till’s task was to create and execute a media campaign to get 25K PDF downloads over the course of 8 months.


Use data to get smarter about the way visitors navigate web content.

Using Google Analytics cross-domain tracking, we separately measured two unbranded sites—one with a download link and one without—to better understand how visitors consumed content and moved from one site to the other. This enabled us to dive deeper into analytics and segment based on three groups:

  • Visitors of site 1 (without download button) that did NOT click to site 2 (with download button)
  • Visitors of site 1 (without download button) that clicked to site 2 (with download button) but did NOT download
  • Visitors of site 1 (without download button) that clicked to site 2 (with download button) and did download


Organize content to optimize response.

The segmentation analysis uncovered a number of insights, including recommendations to change content and optimize site layout—specifically, the placement of the download button.

We also changed our optimization KPI from 50% scroll rate from one destination to download conversion to optimize towards efficient downloads regardless of the site the user was being driven to.

Lastly, we completely overhauled the monthly reporting format established by the previous agency and revised the data included to focus specifically on KPIs that directly or indirectly informed optimization based on downloads. These data revisions allowed for better visualization of the cross-domain attribution. The result was a more concise and actionable report that isolated key information and supported optimization recommendations.



Downloads by 3rd month of campaign


Downloads by 5th month of campaign


Downloads by end of campaign

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