Empowering individual agents. Unifying a brand.


Create a media program to empower local agents while reinforcing the national brand.

Butler/Till’s client, a major national insurance provider, had an existing suite of local advertising programs utilized by over 18,000 sales agents. However, the programs varied from market to market, were based on disparate objectives and budgets, and lacked cohesion with national branding efforts. They needed a cohesive, measurable, enterprise-wide program that could empower local agents while delivering a consistent brand presence from market to market.



Treat every agent as a distinct client.

Each of the client’s agents are highly passionate and vested in marketing their services. Their dollars are precious and have to produce results. Getting agents to invest in our program required trust—and the way we were going to earn that trust was by understanding each of their needs and markets intimately.

To do this, we needed three things: media customization at an agent level, automation to execute the program efficiently, and humanization in the form of live expert support. In other words, we needed to address each agent as a distinct client.


Create a fully supported, user-friendly online platform for local media planning and buying.

After a thorough examination of both agent and enterprise needs, we set out to create a platform that would give each of the client’s 18,000 agents convenient, customizable, hyperlocal media plan options that were also strategically sound and compliant with brand initiatives at the national level.


Once consistent program parameters were established and targeting was determined, media needed to be grouped into packages that met the needs of the individual agents. To accomplish this, a proprietary database and planning tool was built. This empowered us to design truly customized media plan options for each agent, meeting minimum impression levels and length of time in market, within a set budget.


All plan options were ultimately fed through a turnkey, agent-facing website. The website gave agents everything they needed to select and purchase a unique, hyperlocal package of media tactics in just a few clicks—as well as the ability to track in-market campaigns with custom reporting and analytics.


A program at this level of breadth and scale required unprecedented support to educate agents and guide them through enrollment. We delivered unmatched service to agents through a personable customer service team of media experts who developed and executed the program, enabling us to provide a level of customer service far beyond that of a typical call center.


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Increase in sales agent-level media presence upon launch in 2015


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