Writing the social media playbook for a skeptical regulatory team.


Gain approval to use social media, despite resistance from regulatory.

A major pharma manufacturer’s brand team came to Butler/Till Health Group seeking to establish a social media presence for one of its drugs. However, given the FDA’s “fuzzy” regulations on the use of social media in pharma, the organization’s regulatory team had yet to approve social media use for any of its brands.


Ease regulatory concerns through education.

Through a number of discussions with the regulatory team, we soon realized that many of their concerns were based on assumptions that stemmed from lack of experience. We knew that if we could help them understand best practices for social media, especially within the pharma space, we could potentially gain the approval the brand team needed to launch its social campaign.


Build and share a “Social Media Playbook for Pharma”

In close collaboration with the brand team, we developed a social media playbook that acted as a guide for the regulatory team, which included the following:

  • Approaches for monitoring and handling comments around adverse events and off-label uses
  • Suggestions on how to best staff or allocate client organization resources
  • Responsibilities for reporting data both internally and externally
  • Best-in-class examples of other pharma social campaigns


  • The brand received the first-ever regulatory approval in the company’s history to conduct a social media campaign
  • The playbook has since been shared across the organization and will act as the blueprint for future social media campaigns

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