Targeting smarter to reach a tiny patient audience.


Reach a very small patient audience effectively and efficiently.

Our client, a leading manufacturer of a drug used to treat a specific rare disease, came to us seeking something very difficult to achieve: a media plan that would connect with a patient population of fewer than 10,000 across the US effectively and efficiently, with as little media waste as possible.


Focus on digital, and get smarter with data.

Keeping media costs down would require us to be as targeted as possible. To do this, we focused on digital tactics versus channels that would have unacceptable waste, such as print and other offline media options. Digital allowed us to leverage data sources that could help us identify patients suffering from this rare disease. We could then apply that data to various targeted tactics at an acceptable cost.


Use search, paid social, and programmatic display

  • Through Google, we developed and conducted a paid search campaign, both branded and unbranded, that helped us reach and connect with patients as well as their caregivers looking for specific information on the drug and general disease state information
  • We also targeted members of Facebook connected to various support groups that already existed for the rare disease, providing them with awareness of the new treatment option in a setting where they would be receptive to learning more
  • Lastly, we used programmatic display ads to reach patients in contextually relevant content areas as well as for search and site retargeting strategies.

Each of these media tactics provided us with precision-targeted opportunities to reach this very small audience without wasting client spend


Despite the client concern that identifying and reaching this rare disease patient base would be like finding a needle in a haystack, we did so within budget and at a larger than assumed possible scale.


Targeted impressions


Site visits

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