How one “thank you” reached multiple audiences.


Raise awareness of a new advanced mammogram.

A leading medical device company came to us looking for help in reaching insurance providers. In partnership with several cancer research associations, our client wanted to run an ad saying “thank you” to providers who cover breast tomosynthesis—a new and more advanced mammogram offering better cancer detection, and for which our client is the leading manufacturer. They also wanted to build interest among providers who currently do not cover the procedure.



Engaging one audience while simultaneously building interest with another.

The primary target was those companies our client wished to thank directly. The secondary target included insurance providers who are not yet covering the procedure in an effort to encourage them to do so. Our solution was not only able to reach both, it was able to do so in unique and unexpected ways.


Geo-targeted ads that follow you from work to home.

With limited budget available, we recommended a geo-targeted display campaign. The campaign used headquarter addresses for five top insurance providers (including the three being thanked) to reach the audience with banner ads in their offices. Our display media partner was even able to identify connected devices with in-office longitude and latitude coordinates, allowing us to tie those devices to home IP address and retarget recipients across devices at home, too.



Impressions in 1 month


Click through rate


Conversation rate

  • During the first month of the campaign our client shared that one of the providers who did not cover tomosynthesis prior to our campaign was now covering the procedure.
  • The company president had seen our client’s ads and immediately called her chief medical officer to ask why breast tomosynthesis wasn’t being covered.
  • As a direct result of this campaign, our client can now help more people benefit from better cancer detection, fewer office callbacks, and greater peace of mind.

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