Pushing the boundaries of B2B media strategy.


Create a B2B media platform that achieved the rare feat of generating both awareness and response on a limited budget.

Kodak Alaris launched in 2013 as a new service line offering state-of-the-art scanners, as well as capture and information management software. Like most new enterprises, their first objectives were to generate awareness and send qualified leads to their sales teams. In 2015, Kodak Alaris shifted their focus to switching end-users of competitors’ products to Alaris products, while still maintaining awareness in the market with a limited budget. In both cases, Butler/Till needed to deliver a multifaceted media strategy that generated both awareness and response.



Create an innovative mix of endemic and programmatic buys.

After taking a deep dive into Kodak Alaris’s audiences, Butler/Till recommended a bold new approach for the B2B space. Rather than focusing efforts solely on endemic media buys, we recommended a diversified media mix, which balanced endemic site placements with programmatic tactics, paid search, paid social, and influencer marketing. Not only would it reach new and broader audiences, it would afford Kodak with the opportunity to test, learn, and optimize tactics throughout the campaign’s lifespan and beyond.


Generate awareness and response simultaneously, and optimize continuously.


  • Launched endemic display banners to a number of strategically targeted sites including GCN.com, FCW.com, and HealthDataManagement.com
  • Content-based thought leadership through content syndication and strategic endemic content placements—including webinars with Government Computer News and Health Data Management, and sponsored updates through LinkedIn.


  • Launched full suite of programmatic and targeted tactics including Semcasting and MediaMath
  • Activated a search strategy to maximize share of voice and drive site traffic


  • Ran A/B testing of endemic media buys to optimize based on highest performance
  • Retained highest-performing elements, including webinars and content syndication
  • Utilized IP address targeting to support Account Based Marketing strategy
  • Introduced customized creative with messaging tailored to several audience verticals for increased relevance and response


Top month-over-month performance: Jan-Feb 2016


Brand lift


Session increase month-over-month


Display driven sessions month-over-month


Programmatic effective cost per thousand (eCPM) vs. $50-$75 eCPM of endemic partners

Overall campaign performance highlights


Brand lift


New user traffic


Click through rate of retargeted ads
3X higher than industry benchmark of 0.08%


Traffic driven by custom keywords and target segmentation

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