Making creative work harder to drive more calls.


Increase response using existing creative.

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, headquartered in Rochester, NY, delivers health care services across upstate New York and long-term care insurance nationwide. When their new DRTV campaign was delayed by lagging state approvals, they realized they would have to reuse existing creative that had already been running for a year. In order to create an uptick in response, they needed a new media strategy.


Study the relationship between all responsive tactics.

Butler/Till looked at the relationship between DRTV and Direct Mail for clues on how to increase response. In looking at this relationship, we made the correlation that during periods of heavy DRTV, direct mail drops generated higher call volume. We also wanted to look at other print tactics that could help gain call volume.


Schedule media in pulsed phases to increase response while decreasing media weight.

To avoid Medicare DRTV wear out, we proposed a pulsing strategy that enabled us to add in four hiatus weeks into the third quarter, with three three-week flights of DRTV. Leveraging our newly discovered insight, we ensured that the direct mail drops for Medicare occurred on the heaviest weeks of TV. This simple yet effective strategy yielded impressive results, despite running year-old creative.


+84% Call Volume

Year over year with addition of shared mail (37% increase in spend)

+53% Lead Volume

Year over year with addition of shared mail (37% increase in spend)

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