Winning new mobile banking fans with a breakthrough media strategy.


Stimulate a surge of downloads of ESL’s mobile banking app.

In 2011, ESL Federal Credit Union—based in Rochester, NY—launched its mobile banking app. In 2013, they approached Butler/Till with the challenge of developing a media campaign that could reach current and potential members who banked online, but not on their phones, with the goal of driving awareness and dramatically increasing downloads of the ESL mobile banking app.


Form heavy-hitting partnerships that clear the way for highly effective media tactics.

ESL’s mobile product needed a mobile media plan. So we recommended a primarily digital plan that would be driven by two key partnerships: the number one locally based website in the Rochester Designated Market Area and a key mobile network within the same geographic footprint.


Surround our target audience with a geo-targeted digital media blitz.

Leveraging our new website partnership, we placed ads on its highly visible home page while incorporating a full media mix of mobile placements on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. In addition, we utilized our mobile ad network to geo-target the Rochester DMA in a way that could reach a projected 81% of mobile users. Mobile banner ads ran on a network of sites popular with smartphone fans, such as Weatherbug and MSNBC, driving iPhone and Android users to their respective download stores.


Total app users
Increase in app users from the previous year
The click-through rate of previous campaigns

Leverage Digital to Meet Your Brand Objectives.

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