Spending strategically to make a big splash with a niche audience.


Get AZEK on the shelves of the area’s leading lumber retailer.

AZEK, a manufacturer of composite decking, railing, trim, and moulding, came to Butler/Till with a unique challenge. They wanted to boost sales across their local market but faced a major barrier: the largest local lumber yard didn’t carry their product. We were tasked to change that.



Make retail take notice by making AZEK look like a national brand.

By not carrying AZEK, a leading retailer was making a statement: to them: AZEK wasn’t an in-demand brand. However, if we could change the retailer’s perception of AZEK from an “also-ran” to a major player, we could convince them that AZEK was a brand they couldn’t afford to miss out on. With that objective in mind, we launched a campaign designed to make a very specific audience think that AZEK was spending major advertising dollars: the lumber yard employees.



Geo-target tactics straight to retail employees and their customers.

A sophisticated media strategy was launched with hyperlocal targeting at the retailer’s locations:

  • Geotargeting of location-enabled cell phones allowed us to track how frequently people were visiting stores. Those who visited 4-5 times per week were assumed to be employees, and hyperlocal digital display ads were sent to their mobile phones and computers.
  • OOH billboards near retail locations created the perception of a major integrated advertising campaign

In addition, contractors and consumers were targeted with ads telling them to ask for AZEK at the shelf, creating the appearance of high consumer demand:

  • Facebook ads targeted local contractors based on their interests
  • Facebook and programmatic display advertising were targeted to 30+ adults who were new homeowners or homeowners looking to do renovations



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