On an early morning in the beginning of June, 8 wide-eyed strangers ready to make their mark in the world of advertising walked into Butler/Till to start their 9 week internship. We were anxious, eager to learn, and a little unsure about what exactly we had gotten ourselves into. By the time the internship wrapped up, we knew we were leaving as confident and capable professionals ready to face any challenge that may come our way.

Needless to say, our time at Butler/Till has taught us a lot about the ever-changing world of media and advertising. We came in a little overwhelmed by the multitude of research tools available to us, but felt determined to conquer them all (with some help from our BT Prep Deans). We’ve refined our skills as researchers, account directors, and creative specialists through actual experience with clients, and frequent classes with the experts at Butler/Till. We’ve given presentations both within the agency and to our partners, all while becoming much more confident in ourselves along the way.

As time went on, we bonded with our cubicle mates and intern teams through intense brainstorming sessions that lasted, at times, for hours, trips to the break room in hopes of finding catered Panera Bread, and weekly Wiener Wednesday cookouts. We learned how many interns could fit in one cubicle during collaborative research days (eight!), how to plan an agency-wide block party, and the importance of having fun while working hard. But most importantly, we quickly realized how important it was to work together to achieve our goals. We may have been working on different projects for different clients, but none of us are smarter than all of us. Butler/Till holds this ideology so dear, they painted it on the walls. We’ll definitely be staying in touch, especially since we’re all Snapchat friends now.

Butler/Till wasn’t just focused on grooming us to be future employees; they wanted us to learn skills that could be applicable no matter the career we choose. We developed our time management skills through planning project milestone weeks in advance, because deadlines come up quicker than you expect. We refined our resumes and LinkedIn profiles to include our newly learned skills, and we aren’t so nervous about presenting ourselves -whether to a room full of people, or to a stranger on the phone in a different state.

Knowing that we could create connections and make a difference for others was incredibly rewarding, and made all the hard work and time spent developing our plans and strategies worthwhile. The employees at Butler/Till were kind enough to invest in us both personally and professionally, and we could never express how appreciative we are for the experience.

B/T Prep Authors
Authors (from left to right)

Izzy Bulling, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2018
Rachelle Jaffarian, St. John Fisher College, 2018
Olivia Spenard, Fordham University, 2021
Kiernan Proud, Nazareth College, 2018

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