The B/T Prep Advertising Internship

From day one, you’ll know it’s different.

A quality internship changes you.

It deepens your understanding of the professional world and sharpens your ability to succeed in it. And it inspires you to achieve even more. We know what changes young professionals into seasoned pros—the same things that make an internship worthwhile.

Real client work. Experienced, caring mentors. And tons of collaboration.

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Deadline for submissions is March 1st, 2018.

How it works:

week paid summer internship
hours per week
over three work days
interns divided into
two teams
intern positions:
account, media, and creative services

Intern position details:

Learning to work as a team with your fellow B/T Prep interns is essential to your professional development. But to make that happen, you need to know what your role is all about.

Account Services

  • Develop a basic understanding of all media types and how they impact the client project.
  • Assist with high-level media projects such as research, sending out RFPs, and local market research.
  • Lead and manage your intern team to produce a strong final presentation.
  • Prioritize tasks and assignments, multi-task as needed, proactively seek information, and keep your team on track with deliverables and deadlines.

Media Services

  • Develop a deep understanding of all media types and build a recommendation for the client project.
  • Assist with media-specific projects such as research, sending out RFPs, and local market research.
  • Attend relevant lunch & learn sessions with media vendors, and connect directly with media partners as needed to pull together recommendations.
  • Prioritize tasks and assignments to meet scheduled deadlines set by the account services intern.

Creative Services

  • Assist with design on creative projects, as well as creative inquiries and requests for client-specific projects.
  • Work with the digital art director to concept and develop creative solutions for internal and client-facing projects.
  • Prioritize tasks and assignments to meet scheduled deadlines set by the account services intern.
  • Develop a basic understanding of all media types.

Work with a real client.

If you want to build real ad-industry muscles, you have to work on real client projects. At B/T Prep, you’ll collaborate with a team of interns to create a project for an actual Butler/Till client. At the end of the internship, you and your group will pitch your final project to the client and Butler/Till staff.

B/T Prep clients have included some of the region’s most respected organizations:

Pick the brains of industry experts.

Over the course of the project, you will have access to lectures, team brainstorms and interactive seminars with Butler/Till employees and external mentors.

Alison Taylor

Alison Taylor

Business Development Sr. Account Executive

Presentation Skills
Get tips and tricks for making your big presentation a big hit:

  • Be clear and concise
  • Use the art of storytelling

Amanda DeVito

Amanda DeVito

VP of Engagement

B/T Culture
Find out what it means to be a Butler/Till employee:

  • Learn our history, departments and people
  • Understand the value of community involvement and personal growth

Andria DiFelice

Andria DiFelice

Group Account Director

Time Management
Learn how to use Covey’s Time Management Matrix:

  • Prioritize tasks
  • Minimize wasted time

Michael Deichmiller

Michael Deichmiller

Account Director

Creative Problem Solving
Discover how to generate creative solutions to your toughest challenges:

  • Use exercises to break out of old patterns of thinking
  • Learn how to run productive brainstorming sessions

Mike DiCaprio

Mike DiCaprio

Strategic Planning Director

Research Overview and Building a Strategy
Learn to connect your client’s message to consumers using research and insight:

  • Get an overview of Butler/Till’s research tools
  • Find out how to build a strategy that gets results

Get closer to your career.

Beyond college credit and a paycheck, B/T Prep delivers:

Real client experience

Over 100 potential networking connections

Portfolio pieces to show future employers

Professional recognition

You can expect dramatic professional growth in numerous areas:

Presentation skills

Creative ideation

Strategy development

Client relationship building

Team collaboration

Ready to experience a real internship?

Apply to be one of the six paid interns accepted into this summer’s B/T Prep program.
The deadline for submissions is March 1st, 2018.

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