How poignant imagery can earn ordinary companies Apple-style affection

Service companies like health insurers may never inspire the passion of brands like Nike, Starbucks, or Apple. But we can all take a page from their playbook. These days, that playbook is heavy on the imagery and light on the text.

Why? Social media is becoming more visual and less about the written word. People are sharing images and videos instantly through their smartphones. And if you have a picture that captures your audience’s imagination, you can win their attention, their business, and their loyalty.

In this Brightpaper, you’ll witness the following:

  • See startling statistics about how much more effective image-sharing is over text-based posts.
  • View specific examples of how brands are using visual storytelling to capture huge audiences.
  • Get an illuminating perspective from Rochester Institute of Technology’s Mike Johansson, a sought-after social media pro.


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Amanda DeVito
Amanda DeVito

VP of Engagement
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