A quick look at the state of this new buying method

The automated, data-driven method of buying ads within video content—Programmatic TV or PTV—is quickly gaining traction. But the programmatic buying method still has a long way to go. Why is it such a hot topic? What’s driving the interest among advertisers? For starters, as audiences become more and more fragmented across channels, programs, and devices, the traditional method of purchasing a single program to reach many viewers is becoming more of a challenge.

This eGuide will help you get up to speed:

  • Get a brief look at traditional ad buying and how audience behavior is affecting its effectiveness
  • Understand what programmatic buying is, how it works, and who the players are
  • See the shape of things to come, including how programmatic buying could soon make advertising easier


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Amanda DeVito
Amanda DeVito

VP of Engagement

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