How to shift your marketing and communications in response to a serious event.

Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Blizzards. Millions of Americans live in regions susceptible to regular natural disasters. Some are seasonal. Some are completely unpredictable. But one thing is for certain: they always have a profound effect on commerce in the areas of impact. Marketers need to be as educated and prepared as local residents.

For some companies, a disaster means a major business slowdown. For others, it’s a signal to leap into action. For every business, planning ahead can help you respond the right way when there’s little time to react.

This Brightpaper will show you the following:

  • Which questions to research so you can get a firm handle on the risks of doing business in the areas your marketing covers.
  • Insights into how media usage changes rapidly and dramatically when disaster strikes, so you can adjust your media plan accordingly.
  • How to use social media and spring into action swiftly if you run a business that’s likely to be very active just before, during, and right after a natural disaster.


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Amanda DeVito
Amanda DeVito

VP of Engagement
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