A peek behind the curtain at how compensation models work—and their pros and cons.

When you work with a media agency, how do you pay them? Flat fee? Commission? Something in between? The compensation models for media agencies vary widely and depend a lot on the type of work the agency does for you.

Discussing a fee structure is one of the most important conversations you’ll have when you start a new partnership with a media firm. But there are other things to consider, too. This e-guide will give you a closer look. So you know what to look for. And you know you’re striking a fair deal.

We’ll explain the following:

  • The three basic models media agencies use to charge clients, and how a “hybrid” model works.
  • The six things to look for when you’re negotiating compensation with a media agency.
  • Important factors that affect your cost beyond the compensation model you choose.
  • Essential traits to look for in a media agency.


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Amanda DeVito
Amanda DeVito

VP of Engagement

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